4 spiritual wealth laws

4 Spiritual Laws of Wealth and Success

What do spiritual laws have to do with wealth and success? Plenty! To become wealthy in a financial sense you have to make large amounts of money, whatever that amount is for you. You need to know what you’re really good at and create a way to get paid for doing it.  For example, taking your passion or expertise and creating information products is one way you can put part of your wealth building program on autopilot.

If you don’t already have all the wealth and success you want, one thing is certain. To start the flow of massive cash into your life you will have to change your thinking about where wealth comes from and how you acquire it. If you are already financially independent, make sure you have the thought system that will allow you to stay wealthy. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of made it, lost it all, had to make it over stories. You don’t want to become one of them.

We’re talking about harnessing the absolutes of Universal Law here. This is not airy-fairy. This is the true basis of wealth and success, both personal abundance and financial independence; going back to the beginning of our civilization.  So let’s take a look at four Universal Laws and how they show up in your life to affect your wealth building process.

Law of Dharma4 spiritual wealth laws

Your purpose in life. You’re here on this planet to fulfill a specific purpose, unique to you. When you recognize your purpose and use your unique talents to serve the needs of others with your products and services, you have the recipe for wealth. This is true of monetary wealth, and the true wealth that is inner wealth. The better you are at doing this, the more abundance you will create.

One reason this works is that in order to find your purpose in life you must discover your true self. To do this you have to look at yourself through different eyes. You need to see the real talents you possess.  And when you can do this, you will see the part you play in the big picture.

When you are fully expressing your unique talent in a way that adds value in the world, you’ll experience a kind of happiness you may have never felt before, along with the financial rewards you’ve always wanted. What you’re doing won’t feel like work and you’ll happily spend hours without any thought of time. When you’re fully engaged in living your life purpose, through Universal Law you are attracting abundance into all areas of your life.

Law of Pure Potentiality

Your ability to manifest. This is when you tap into your higher consciousness. You could call it your intuitive self. It gives you the ability to know your true self and realize you can create the life you desire because everything you need is available to you. The power of being in alignment with your true self and your purpose allows the people and things you need to accomplish your goals to be attracted to you. It’s the energy you project into the world.

People want to be around you and associate with you because of your positive, electric energy. That energy comes from an internal understanding of real love for yourself and others. It drives you to create products and services that are of great benefit to your clients. It also draws others to want to help you succeed.

You access your pure potential through daily introspection, whether meditation, prayer or quiet reflective time. It helps you feel more grounded in who you really are, to become comfortable in your own skin and be able to love yourself.   

Self-love is required to prevent the self-sabotage that occurs when you build more wealth than you feel you deserve. This knowledge and acceptance of yourself is what opens the door for manifesting everything you desire.

I also believe this is where your belief in your ability to live an ageless lifestyle comes from. This self-love and self-acceptance gives you the ability to have a vision of something different, or bigger, being possible for you in the second half of your life. That’s what attracts you to the idea of creating an ageless lifestyle after 50!

Here is where your creativity comes into play. When you have a quiet mind and sit in humbled awe of the Universe you will find yourself connected on a deep level to your creative resources. Ideas and solution will flow like water and your only job is to capture them and take action on the ones that are perfect for you.

Law of Least Effort

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!” Isn’t that how the children’s song goes? No resistance. Go with the flow. Be happy while you’re doing it. Everything comes back to flowing with the Universe instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Being in the flow of creative energy generates the ideas that create the products and services that manifest unlimited wealth, success and happiness.

This is what’s meant by doing less and having more. It comes from being more before you start the doing part.  You’ve already taken care of the being part in the first 2 laws. Now you decide what it is you want to manifest and you turn it over to the Universe to bring it into physical form. That doesn’t mean you don’t take action on your goals. Sorry, but you have to develop a step-by-step action plan working backwards from your desired end result.

While you take action daily to move forward, don’t watch over the results like a mother hen. You will develop a level of trust in the process you’ve set in motion. You have a sense of knowing, so trust it. When you stay in the flow, you will find yourself manifesting quickly and easily based on the level of belief you have in deserving whatever it is you want.

When you’re living from your purpose, you have plenty of energy. When you’re coming from a place of service you won’t feel drained at the end of the day, you’ll feel energized by your sense of accomplishment. You’re completely aligned within yourself. This is where the joy of your work comes from.

When you take responsibility for your life you also have 100% of the power over your life. You are in control of all your choices. You no longer have any need to be defensive. You’re comfortable in your beliefs and don’t feel the need to convince anyone else or have their approval.

Law of Intention

It’s what you think about. You wouldn’t be capable of having an idea if you didn’t also have what it takes to manifest it. Giving your attention to a thought energizes it, while stating your intention for it will make it manifest. Attention and intention are two very afferent things.

Take these 6 steps to put the manifestation of wealth and success into motion:

1. Constantly pay attention to the signs of wealth and success all around you
2. Read about wealthy, successful people
3. Associate with wealthy, successful people
4. Do what wealthy, successful people do
5. Go where wealthy, successful people go
6. Have a focused intention of becoming wealthy by being of service

The strength of your intention determines what your attention is focused on in each current moment, what you spend your time unconsciously thinking about. When you think about what you really want, most obstacles and fears will disappear. That’s because they were only a figment of your imagination in the first place.

You can be at peace while handling anything that comes your way when you have focused intention with a laser beam of attention. You can have anything you desire when you work within these principles. Otherwise, you will be constantly struggling and fighting the natural way things work, which leads to anything but the wealth and success you desire.

Take the object of your desire into your meditation or whatever form of quiet time you have, and watch it manifest that much quicker. Then release and let it go, knowing it will happen at the right time. Stay in the present moment. The people and tools you need will be brought to you.

Make sure you are paying attention so they don’t go unnoticed. That’s one of the biggest obstacles to your success right now; not recognizing what the Universe has brought your way to give you everything you want.

Trust the Universe to provide. Stay alert. Keep moving forward by doing your part, which is taking daily action. and most of all be happy and enjoy the journey!

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4 spiritual laws of wealth and success

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