3 Ways to Grow Your Business by Relaxing More

3 Ways to Grow Your Business by Relaxing More

Relaxing may sound like a crazy way to grow your business, or you could be thinking that it sounds right up your alley. The truth is, relaxing more often will do more to grow your business that forced effort ever will.

It’s the same as getting a result by pushing rather than pulling. If you can give a little nudge or even a big push, it takes a lot less effort than pulling.

Doing business normally consists of a lot of effort. The harder the better, right? No. That just gets you burnt out.

Here are 3 ways to grow your business:

1. Do all your research and planning. Make the decision. Now let it go.

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You need to grow your business. I can hear you now. “Let it go! What do you mean, let it go?” I mean that the time to consider, worry, go back and forth on what the right option is; that time is over. Let it go. The decision is made.

Now is the time to let your subconscious handle the assignment your conscious mind just gave it. It’s not up to you to second guess what or how. Just let it go because your research and planning ended when you chose a course and made the decision.

This week I finally got my old subscriber list uploaded to a new database. It was an ordeal because the email marketing services are very picky about how they allow a list to be imported, where it comes from, how old it is, how you prove they opted in, etc.  It’s very difficult.

I had so many issues that after I finally got 1/2 of it accepted by one provider, I had to make a decision. Go with half a list or try to find another one that will import the whole thing. I decided to find one that would take it all. I went through 3 more before finding one that would. Makes you wonder how we get so much spam, doesn’t it?

The point is, I researched, I questioned the best thing to do, I posted in Internet marketing groups to ask for recommendations. When I finally made my decision, I just took a deep breath and did it. And the import when through, the whole thing! I made the decision and let it go.

The same thing when I sent that first email. What do you say after a really long time of not communicating with people? First, I hoped they still knew who I was. Second, that they still wanted to hear from me. Third, that they wouldn’t report it as spam because the last thing I wanted was to get booted from the new home I had found for my list! 

Can you imagine how much anxiety I went through trying to decide on a subject line to get them to open the email? And then what to say so they would want to hear from me again. And still, once I wrote it, I just closed my eyes, said a little prayer and hit the send button. I might have crossed my fingers for good luck. 😉 You just can’t overthink it.

2. Don’t fight your past

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In sales, we used to call this the straw man. That meant that you were arguing against someone or something that wasn’t there. In business, there are 2 ways this happens. One is when the straw man is our own past and the other is when the straw man is someone you keep comparing yourself to. Either way, it doesn’t help you grow your business.

The easy thing to say is just don’t do either of those. In reality, it can be difficult. Many of us grew up being compared to others, even by our own parents. But you are a unique individual and no matter how well you know someone, you have no idea what their life and business really looks like behind closed doors.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I created Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit. It was an opportunity for successful businesswomen to tell their truth about the speed bumps and transformation they had been through. And I would say that down to a woman, there wasn’t one of them that had told all that we talked about to anyone publicly before. So what you see online, and even with your closest friends is not the whole story. There are things that we just don’t feel we have permission to share publicly. That is until there is a safe environment to do so, and that is what the telesummit was.

When it comes to using your own past as the straw man, that’s another thing that was covered extensively in our summit sessions. Even in speed bumps that were accidents that couldn’t have been foreseen or avoided, the tendency of our human nature is to question and in some cases blame ourselves for things that were out of our control. And yet even when we do contribute to our own speed bumps by mistakes we’ve made, it’s in the past.

The past is gone. There is nothing that fighting it or dwelling on it or beating yourself up about it will contribute to your success today.

The only outcome from focusing on past mistakes or failures is that you recreate more of what you focus on. So stop that now!

Coming back to my business after 5 years I had a lot of thoughts running through my head about myself. What if people had moved on and nobody wanted to hear what I was teaching anymore? What if the space I had been in was now taken by other women who had amassed a fortune while I wasn’t working and how would I come back without those credentials anymore?

Well, the reality is those thoughts were short-lived. If I was going to come back and make a contribution, I had to do that from a place of knowing I had something worthwhile to contribute and the belief that people would want to be part of this ageless life and business movement I was creating.

So basically, those thoughts amounted to nothing more than, blah, blah, blah. They were meaningless, and I dismissed them. End of story. No room for any of that in my head.

3. No multi-tasking

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First of all, it doesn’t exist. What you call multi-tasking is unfocused effort on several different things and they all suffer. If something is so unimportant that it doesn’t require your full attention, don’t do it. I’m talking just about business tasks here. I’m not referring to listening to podcasts while you drive or work out or cook. Think about it. If a task is so easy that you can do something else while you do it, isn’t it possible that both of those things could be outsourced for pennies? Your time would be better spent on income-generating activities that require your focused brain power.

 The other part of this is any time you try to focus on 2 things at once you’re kidding yourself to think you are focused on either.

Ever since I was a kid, reading and watching TV were things I did together. I saw my parents do it, so I did it. Thankfully, the priority was always the book and I read with a highlighter, so the TV was more like noise in the background. I never really thought about it until years later when I realized entire programs or movies had gone by and I had no idea what I just ‘watched’. I don’t do that anymore. In fact, I can’t even think of another example of multi-tasking in my life, so I’m doing pretty good with this one now.

When you relax into growing your business by using these 3 ways of letting go you’ll find that you aren’t so drained at the end of the day and you’ll also be more productive and more creative. And those are the things that lead to growing your business. It seems counter-intuitive, but the less effort you expend, the easier it is to grow because you are now getting out of your own way and letting your subconscious do the work your conscious mind has given it to do.

Now go relax.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business by Relaxing More

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