3 Keys to Building a Business You Love

3 Keys to Building a Business You Love

When you think of value in terms of your business you might think of how much value you deliver for the price you charge. You might think of the lifetime value of your customer to your business. But have you ever considered the value your business brings to your life?

You will want to consider these 3 keys to building a business you love.

One of the criteria I discuss with my clients who are starting a new business or adding a new product or service to their business is this kind of value.

What value does this particular  business, product or service bring to you personally?

Most entrepreneurs are stopped dead in their tracks by that one. Even soul based entrepreneurs who have consciously built a business that flows from the soul of their being haven’t considered this question.

It’s important because for you to give your best to your clients day in and day out, your business has to be feeding your soul. It’s all part of your ageless lifestyle.

So don’t create all kinds of tasks that drain your energy and leave you feeling empty.

Start with a business idea that makes your heart sing.

Don’t allow yourself to add on other things to help you make more money that don’t make you happy. They will only make you frustrated. I don’t think that’s the kind of business you want?

Because you are someone who is creating an ageless lifestyle after 50, I doubt your only business goal is to just make more and more money. I’m sorry if I’ve just attacked the sacred cow, but having money as your highest motivator is the quickest way to build a business you hate. Then it has zero value in terms of what it brings to your life.

Here are 3 keys to  building a business you love

Key #1
Ask yourself what the real reason is you’re building this business or introducing this new product/service? Listen to your inner voice. Meditate on this question to make sure you’re listening to your soul and not to other marketers telling you you should want to make more money.

Key #2
Be very clear on the time and energy it will take to create it. Is this time and energy fulfilling your life purpose and making your heart sing? If no, why would you even consider doing it? If yes, are you being realistic about the commitment of time and energy to the back end involvement you’ll need to deliver and service this product/service? Do you have the extra time and is this how you want to spend it?

Key #3
Look at the money this will bring in relation to the time, effort and possible stresses this might bring into your life. Weigh this and see if it’s a good investment for you. Only you can decide the balance of fulfilling your soul, being happy, having a lifestyle that makes you wake up smiling, and spending time doing what you love in and outside of your business.

The reality is money doesn’t make you happy. You make you happy and if you spend your time invested wisely in business activities and time management that gives you the ageless lifestyle you desire, chances are the money will be there too. Having your focus the other way around and looking for the most money and then trying to figure out how to have a life is a recipe for unhappiness and a feeling of, “Is this all there is?” when your each that pinnacle of monetary success.

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3 Keys to Building a Business You Love

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