Boomer Predictions for an Ageless Lifestyle

11 Key Predictions for Boomers Living an Ageless Lifestyle

Things are changing rapidly as more and more boomers are choosing to live an ageless lifestyle. We are experiencing shifts in the way these ageless boomers are traveling, eating, staying fit, dating, working, spending, and how they look at beauty. People embracing the ageless lifestyle after 50 are contributing in the world differently, making changes in their homes, fully embracing technology and practicing self-care.

Looks like 60 really is the new 40, and 50 is the new 30, because these ageless boomers are living more like the younger GenXers all the time!

11 Key Predictions for Boomers Living an Ageless Lifestyle


Boomers, myself included, wanting to live an ageless lifestyle will be falling in love with wellness travel. We want everything the ageless lifestyle after 50 is all about; a healthy, long life filled with exciting adventures. That's not possible without having a strong mind, body and spirit; which wellness travel caters to.

Travel is taking on a new purpose outside of relaxing at the beach or a new locale to discover. There's a growing interest in trips specifically designed for losing weight, de-stressing, getting in touch with your spiritual side, becoming more fit, taking healthy cooking classes, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening relationships. In general, travel now encompasses all aspects of living an ageless lifestyle.

Healthy Cooking

Because you want to maintain your healthy, ageless lifestyle, you also will be buying more organic foods and learning to cook in a healthy way. This new eating habit also carries over to eating out and travel as we see more people over 50 looking for vegetarian, vegan and raw meals in restaurants.

If you don't already own a juicer or make green smoothies, you will shortly. You will also start to ask more questions about you food, such as whether it is locally sourced and what kind of pesticides were used.

Get out your reusable shopping bags because you'll be going to more farmers markets and looking for community food organizations in your area. Those with the space will begin growing some of their own herbs, fruits and veggies.

You'll find you have a growing interest in superfoods, which foods have more fiber, are more nutrient dense, and have the highest levels of antioxidants. It becomes all about giving your body the proper fuel for your ageless lifestyle.


Being ageless requires you to listen to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. More boomers will be spending time at the spa, whether for an hour, a day, a weekend, or an entire vacation. You are talking more openly about the needs of your soul. You're also looking for solutions that provide help in dealing with life situations such as sleep disorders, depression, eating disorders and hormonal changes.


Yoga and meditation classes, along with Pilates, will be growing leaps and bounds as boomers look for kinder and gentler ways of getting in shape through integration of mind, body and spirit. You will see more cross promotion of complimentary types of fitness and classes that also feed the soul.


Being over 50 has never looked so good. If 60 is the new 40, what does that say about 50? Just Google all the flood of celebrities that are now 50+. In 2014 Michelle Obama led the way in January, followed by Rob Lowe, Stephen Colbert, Sandra Bullock and Teri Hatcher.

You may not have the big bucks for treatments these celebs use to stay so youthful, but you will spend increasing amounts of money on your appearance. Anti-aging will become your buzz word when it comes to skin care and cosmetics. While it's always been accepted that men can still be sexy as they age, women over 50 are now considered, not just attractive, but hot!

Boomers are also coming to recognize that outward beauty comes from the inside naturally, based on what you eat and how you treat your body, mind and spirit.


Online dating will become the accepted way boomers find love. There is a plethora of dating sites coming online specifically for boomers. You're optimistic about finding love after 50 and even after 70 or 80! You'll see more people over 70 getting married again as the ability to have an ageless lifestyle becomes more of the norm.


To put it bluntly, you care. You will become even more vocal and take action to make the world a better place for animals, women, children, our food, and the environment in general. You have an intolerance for any country that violates human rights or animal rights. I believe we could see an end to marine mammals being held in captivity as entertainment in our lifetime because of enough people speaking out.

A Green Home

Boomers will increasingly be concerned with their carbon footprint and how they are leaving the planet for future generations. This will lead you to question the products you buy for your home, wanting to know if they are the organic, do they come from sustainable sources and what harmful chemicals do they bring with them.

Is your car eco-friendly? You want comfort and luxury, but you also want to show you care about emissions, gas mileage and alternative fuels.


People 50+ will be going high tech. This generation is not being left behind. Boomers are fully embracing what technology offers to their ageless lifestyle. You have your smart phone, tablet and laptop. Many of you will also be upgrading your home electronics to be controlled remotely from your wireless device.

You connect with friends and family on social media and when you travel you use iChat or Skype to stay connected. The days of grandparents not knowing how to send emails or open photos are a thing of the past as you use WiFi to send pics and videos from your vacations in real time to those at home.


More boomers will choose to work past retirement age because they are healthy and love what they do. Many others will retire early to pursue their yet undiscovered life's passion. Becoming an entrepreneur, writer or artist will become common for boomers beginning the second half of their life.

Sadly, AARP estimates 40 percent of Boomers will work until they drop dead because they must in order to survive.


Contrary to what many analysts are saying, 60% of us over 50 will still have plenty of money to spend. And you'll chose to spend your money on quality items. The urge to compete with 'The Jones' is diminishing in our age group and boomers are realizing more is no longer the goal. You want a better that lasts. You want more bang for your buck.

When the **** hit the fan and you took a financial hit, it was a time of reflection on what really matters. Moving forward, boomers will be over the "McMansions" and downsizing to use their money on things that bring them more pleasure and satisfaction.

You're examining your choices more seriously before spending. For example, do you really want to spend a big chunk of money to replace your 3 year old car? Or would you rather take a trip of a lifetime and splurge on a $30,000-50,000 luxury safari? Maybe you'd be happier putting that money into a resort style backyard? Now that you're no longer caught up in the newest and greatest rat race, you can think about what really makes you happy and feeds your soul.

These 11 key predictions really give me great hope for what our generation can still become. And by adopting and ageless lifestyle, we have the potential of greatly extending our time on this planet. We are moving into a new age bracket as a group and making way for the next generation to fill our spot.

Who are the Boomers?

Born between 1946 and 1964, there are somewhere around 450 million of us worldwide. We are the fastest growing age group and our predicted life expectancy is the highest ever seen. It's very possible you and a lot of your friends will see 100+ by adopting an ageless lifestyle. Another American turns 50 every 7 seconds. The oldest boomers are almost 70! 10,000 of us apply for Social Security and Medicare in the US every day.

In 2014, the last of the baby boomers will exit the coveted 18-49 demographic. 4.5 million boomers turning 50!

Welcome Gen X

The oldest GenXer will be 50 next year and join our 50+ group formerly occupied, for the most part, by us boomers. IKEA built a worldwide empire studying what these GenXers want. Let's welcome their contribution to what it means to live an ageless lifestyle after 50!

11 Key Boomer Predictions for Living an Ageless Lifestyle

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