Breathing technique to reduce stress

1 Simple Breathing Technique to Instantly Reduce Stress

You're stressed. All it takes to reduce stress is 1 simple breathing technique to instantly reduce stress. This is one of the easiest breathing techniques to master and something you can use at any time to bring you back to your center and reduce stress. 

Proper breathing is a big part of having an ageless body and the stress reduction this technique provides also gives you a peaceful mind.  In fact you could use this breathing technique as part of your daily spiritual practice.

You want to be breathing with your diaphragm, which is deep breathing, rather than the shallow breathing many people do. In this way you are giving more oxygen to your brain and your blood cells.​

Join David Wolfe in his favorite conscious breathing meditation that he has been doing for over 25 years and learn how to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and negativity, and calm your busy, distracted mind.

According to David, "The breath can be one of the most influential factors on your state of mind which in turn effects your physical health and well-being."

Breathing technique to reduce stress

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