Your money or your life

Your Money or Your Life, How to Instantly Tell Which You Value Most

Your money or your life…

I’ve been thinking about the congruity between what I say I want and how I spend my time.

It’s a good idea to be vigilant to reflect on this to make sure you’re still heading where you want to go. And it’s a check up between your values & goals and the way you actually live your life.

What your money or your life looks like in reality

If I want a life where I wake up happy and my days are fulfilling and joyful, it’s important for my daily activities to be in alignment with my values and goals. Then what I say I want and what I do in my life are in alignment, right?

Does that make sense?

I have intuitively built my life that way without consciously thinking about it since I was a teenager. That was when I made the decision to have a life different than the one I was on a path to have.

Years ago when I was working with a client, after they created their personal manifesto and set their goals, I would ask them to look at their checkbook and credit card statements. Yes, we used to track our money in a check register in the olden days.


They could write down value statements that made them feel good about themselves.

They could set goals that would make them look good when they told people about them.

But the reality of what they valued most was what they spent their money on.

The second thing was to look at their calendar and see what they spent their time on.

Time and money tell you what is really important to you.

If those 2 things are out of alignment with the value statements from your manifesto and the goals you’ve created, you’ve got some work to do.

That’s the work I do with my private clients, helping them to discover and get in alignment with their values and goals at a soul level.

When you are in alignment and what you believe, say and do are all congruent, your life flows.

If not, it’s no surprise you aren’t achieving your goals and things aren’t moving along the way you would like in your life or business.

Take this your money or your life test yourself:

Go online and look at the last 30-60 days of what you’ve spent your money on

Go to your calendar and look at how you’ve spent your time in the last 30-60 days

If you don’t calendar your days, do it for the next 7 days. For 1 week, track everything you do from the time you get up until you go to bed and how much time on each activity.

Even if you normally calendar your work hours, yo might want to try this for a week.

You’ll be surprised what you discover.

Have you done your manifesto? Get it here and do it today.

Are you working with the goals program? Get the free checklist and grab a copy of the goals program now.

It’s time for you to get your life and business in a flow that is easy and effortless, don’t you think?

 Your money or your life

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