What Dictates the Rhythm of Your Life and Business

What Dictates the Rhythm of Your Life and Business? ( 3 Quick Tips)

Have you ever thought about the rhythm of your life and business? Did you even consider that there is one? I don’t think most people do think about it, but there definitely is one.

Morning is my favorite time of day. People who like to sleep in think I’m crazy for waking up so early, but I love watching the first colors come into the sky before it gets light out.

I watch the cruise ships with all their lights on silently glide past as they head into the bay.cruise ship Cabo San Lucas

My morning ritual is the foundation to my day and I’m also most creative in the morning.

What is your favorite time of the day?

Is it also the time when you get the most accomplished?

What dictates the rhythm of your life and business? ( 3 Quick Tips)

#1: Learning when your body naturally wants to get up and when it wants to go to sleep is the first step of living in the rhythm you are naturally meant to be in.

I discussed the rhythm of your life and business with a couple of our experts on Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit because it really does influence your productivity.

#2: Next is to discover when your body wants to eat and what it wants to eat. Working within the time frames of your own body clock will also help you shed any unwanted weight you may have.

It’s a little more difficult for women because our sleep patterns and how we react to different foods change as our hormones change.

So we can all benefit from paying attention to what our bodies need. Whether it’s food, sleep or figuring out when we are most productive.

Another topic related to our body systems is our life and business systems.

#3: In Stephanie Frank’s session, we talked about how we both use the programs we have created in our own lives and businesses the same as our clients do. We both also have a first step that all our clients go through before any other work is done.

For me, that’s creating your personal manifesto.

If you haven’t already created your personal manifesto, I would encourage you to do that today. It’s the foundational document for your ageless life and business.

Creating your manifesto statements will help you to get clear on what’s important to who you are and who you want to become. That document makes your life so much easier because from this point forward, all your decision will be based on whether they are moving you closer to or further away from who you want to be.

Get your copy of the special report to walk you through creating yours here, and create yours today.

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What Dictates the Rhythm of Your Life and Business

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