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The Source of Frustration and How to End It

The Source Of Being Frustrated and How to End It

Do you think that feeling frustrated is just a natural part of life? It doesn’t have to be. There is a cause of frustration, so it also can be ended. Read on or watch the video. There is more conversation with examples in the video.

Everything has an ebb and flow in life. Just like the waves on the ocean. It’s calming to watch the waves because there’s a rhythm to it. The waves don’t come in the same size every time.they don ‘t come in at the same angle if the wind changes, but they never stop going out and coming back in.

It’s the same with your life and your business. Even in nature, there’s the law of action and reaction, rest and motion.

Why do you think we feel more relaxed when we watch the waves?

Deep inside us, it makes sense. It’s in balance, ying and yang. There’s harmony.

Just like your breath going in and out, there’s a life energy that flows through you with that same rhythm when things are in balance. When you’re out of balance, you slow or stop that natural flow of energy and it becomes stagnant.

Where does the feeling of being frustrated come from?

You have a thought, you get an idea, it turns into a desire, then a goal. But what happens when that goal is not met and that desire goes unfulfilled?

You get frustrated. You’re frustrated because deep inside you every time you get a picture in your mind of something you want, your subconscious has the job of making it a reality. but your conscious mind must take the action steps.

When you don’t follow through because of lack of proper direction or a faulty goal-seeking system, you feel frustrated. And the more these unfulfilled desires pile up, the worse it gets.

Consciously you may not be able to make a direct correlation from a particular desire to a feeling of frustration. But it’s there and they just keep piling on top of each other until the negativity causes a reaction in your world.

It could be emotional, it could be physical like an illness, but the energy must be expressed somewhere. As within, so without. The thoughts and feelings in your mind will find a physical expression.

So, since the source of frustration is unfulfilled desire, the way to end it is to improve the quality of your attempts to fill those requests, Right?

How do I end frustration?

That means learning to ask better questions. Have a better understanding of who you are and what you really want at the deepest level. And then having a system in place that’s like a goal seeking search bot.

Good thing you already have one of those. That goal seeking search bot is your subconscious mind. It will go after any clear request it’s given. It’s up to you to keep it on track and give it course correction information when needed.

That means that you have to be on top of your goals and your progress or lack thereof, all the time. That requires a system.

And I know exactly where you can get a system that will do everything we’ve been talking about. Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving. 

Even when almost every area of your life is working well, but there’s one area that’s out of whack, it causes a huge emotional and physical toll.

I’ll share a very personal story with you that I rarely talk about.

In my 20’s I got into a domestic abuse marriage. It took me 10 years to get out.

For 7 years I read more and more personal growth books. I listened to nothing but Nightingale Conant tapes in my car. I listened when I went to bed and when I got ready for work. I was a self-help believer.

All of this had done amazing things for my business. I was a huge success, winning awards, making great money. But my personal life was terrifying. Physically and verbally abusive.

I wanted out. But I was asking the wrong question. I was waiting to find the answer on a tape or in a book. I didn’t have a process and I didn’t have anyone to personally guide me. I couldn’t call up Wayne Dyer or Brian Tracy and ask them for help.

I ended up with a lot of concealed injuries and a bleeding ulcer.

To the outside world, my life looked perfect. People would always say they wished they were me. it looked like I had it all. But my life was a living hell.

It took me 7 years to realize that I built the cage I lived in. And one side was open when I woke up and realized I just needed a better plan. I needed help. Then it was just a matter of time. I could see my goal and I had a plan to make it happen. And I kept my eye on the prize no matter how scary things were. I was lucky to get out alive.

You don’t need to live with frustration

I don’t care if it’s a feeling of anger, frustration, sadness, envy, jealousy, hopelessness. Whatever it is, you need a plan. And you need someone with the expertise to help you ask better questions.

Because if you had the right questions, you’d also have the answers and you wouldn’t’ have a source of frustration to make you feel that way.

Give yourself the gift of moving forward and having what you want. It can be as simple of using the correct plan and having someone who cares about you to help you through it.

I actually had an argument with a close friend about me being so available the other day. That’s nothing new. People have always told me that. But I don’t care. I want to help and until it gets to the point of not being possible time wise, which it will, I will continue to help people who buy small programs and large ones. I don’t value people based on how much money they spend with me.

This is my passion. I had wonderful mentors when I got into this business that helped me. So take advantage of this opportunity now.

I know the goals program isn’t a sexy or exciting topic, and I couldn’t think of a smoke and mirrors title for it like a lot of marketers do. I just called it what it does. It’s a program to take you by the hand to not only set the correct goals but to achieve them. It’s important to me that you have the advantage. I built my previous business on teaching people who had a gift or a process to share, that they owed it to the world to get it out there. it wasn’t fair for them to not share it.

That’s the only reason I’m offering it. If you need me to do a laser session on the phone to help you figure something out that you’re not quite getting, I’m offering a laser session as an unadvertised bonus.

I can’t tell you how many things these tools have gotten me through. Life will continue to show up and challenge you. It can be as simple as a course correction instead of a disaster

Give yourself that gift. Get the goals program now.

On next Saturday morning’s Facebook Live we are going to be talking about having an ageless body. It’s not possible to be at peak performance level in your business if your mind is running on bad fuel. It leaves you tired, sluggish, and with a foggy brain. Not to mention we are heading into bathing suit season. So tune in next week.

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The Source of Frustration and How to End It

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