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The Curse of Valuing the Valueless and How to End It

The Curse of Valuing the Valueless and How to End It

I thought I’d change things up a little this morning and write to you before I go for my morning walk. Now that it’s getting light earlier, I get my meditation and reading done sooner, so I’ve added a morning walk to my routine.

This morning my meditation was focused on not valuing the valueless. What was meant by that is to let go of valuing things that don’t last forever.

Before I close my eyes to begin the meditation I hold my dog Yuki in my arms, pressing him against my chest and giving him little kisses on his head. That’s our little thing. Today it dawned on me that this is an example of value. The love I feel for him will still be in my heart long after he is gone. And that is something of value, and certainly not valuing the valueless.

The love we feel, the love we give and allow ourselves to receive is about the only thing I can think of that has that eternal value.

Can you think of anything else?

When I went into my meditation the picture that came up in my mind first was the contents of my storage locker. I still have a full 3 bedroom house in storage in the US. I cringe to think of how much money I’ve paid for that storage!

Here’s what I’ve told myself about valuing the valueless:

  1. Many of the things in there are important keepsakes.
  2. There is furniture which was expensive and almost brand new when I packed it up.
  3. And even more important there is the contents of my office. Just about everything I had done and all the home study courses I had bought for more than a decade are in there. Not to mention an extensive library I had been building for more than 30 years.
  4. All my photo albums, vinyl records and hundreds of CD’s. Remember those?
  5. And original artwork that could bring a pretty penny if I sold them.

So why have I been valuing the valueless? Figuratively and monetarily! I paid for that storage in situations where I made it a priority over other things. That’s how attached I was/am to that stuff.

Do you have that attachment to anything in your life?

We’re not the only ones.

It reminded me of the story Mo Bailey shared of losing her home to fire during Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit.

I don’t know if you listened, but Mo found that her attachment shifted completely after she and her son became “adventurous vagabonds” for 5 months after she and her son lost their home.

She is a researcher and had tons of reference materials and she still used the binders from courses she had taken and events she had attended. She also had things that reminded her of all her accomplishments. Now everything was gone.

Mo gave our listeners a new perspective on valuing what is valuable and letting go of attachment to the valueless.

And just one of the speed bumps Wendy Keller shared was losing her home and office building in the Malibu fires. As a literary agent she not only lost everything of hers, but also all the paperwork on authors she had represented for decades.

Wendy let us in on how she dealt with coming back from that experience.

We have a couple choices:

  • Continue to value the valueless.
  • Choose to release things and lead a more ageless lifestyle.
  • Wait for a life situation like the ones I mentioned to help us release.

I believe that in the releasing is also the opening to more fully appreciating the experiences of love that bring true value to our lives.

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The Curse of Valuing the Valueless and How to End It

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