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skinny fat

The Unseen Dangers of Being Skinny Fat

Have you heard the term skinny fat? In the last couple years it’s turning the tables on the generally accepted rules for what being healthy looks like. No  longer are obese people automatically unhealthy. On the other hand, what’s been discovered is that there’s a good chance you could be a healthy weight and be […]

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pinkwashing breast cancer

Stop Pinkwashing Breast Health Now

It’s time to stop pinkwashing breast health now. Every year it gets bigger and bigger, to the point where you have several companies that produce know carcinogens offering pink products to increase their sales to women, get press, get goodwill from a public that is not educated to the facts of their complicity, and the […]

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Beautiful at any age

Who Else Wants to Be Beautiful at Any Age?

Leading an ageless lifestyle encompasses several things. It requires you to have an ageless spirit, an ageless mind and a healthy ageless body. I believe those things together comprise being ageless. And when you are healthy, vibrant, intelligent, positive and interested in life, you have a glow about you that makes you beautiful. This is […]

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