What It Means to Create an Ageless Life and Business

Successful Women in Business: What It Means to Create an Ageless Life and Business

What does it mean to create an ageless life and business instead of a business that sucks the life out of you?

I’m going to give you actionable steps to help you create an ageless life and business starting today. There are simple shifts you can make right now to get you on the track to being ageless.

Most businesses end up taking over your life and there is always so much more you could be doing. You feel guilty when you do something other than work.

Overwhelm is a constant goblin ready to pounce.

You can get clear by going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole and spending months or years only to scrap everything and start over.

Or you create a vision for your life and business with goals and a blueprint to take a huge shortcut.

Again, it all goes back to simple steps.

Create your personal manifesto. Then take the value statements you create about who you are, who you want to grow to be, what you stand for, and use them to figure out what you want next.

Now use the goals program, which helps you not only set your goals but set the action steps with accountability tracking and expert guidance every step of the way from me.

When it comes to creating a vision for your life, and the entrepreneurs blueprint to financial freedom to make it a reality, I don’t know anyone who teaches this process to the depth that I do, or anyone that’s been doing it as long as I have.

What you can do instantly to create an ageless life and business:

Your Ageless Life

1. Start your day with “me time”

Create a spiritual practice. Prayer, meditation, reading, whatever that is for you. Your day needs a grounding. Focused relaxation at the beginning of your day gives you more energy and focus to last longer doing your work.

2. Do some kind of exercise

You may go to the gym or Crossfit. I do Pilates and yoga. You could just take a walk. Watch the video below for more.

3. Take a break every 55 minutes for 5 minutes

When you work in blocks, you have focused productivity for 55 minutes. The 5 minutes away gives you mind a chance to shift out of that concentration and it refreshes you so that you come back to your work with a clear head.

Watch the video for 3 examples of what to do during those 5 minutes and what the benefit of those activities can be.

4. Calendar your work day and lunch

Blocking out your work hours and lunch break are important. To have the freedom of an ageless life and business requires a little structure. You’d be surprised how much more free time you can create by structuring your day.

The other benefits to calendaring include getting a grasp on how long each of the tasks you do actually requires. Most people are very far off when they just guess about the time tasks take. That leads to overbooking yourself and overwhelm.

Your Ageless Business

1. Don’t chase every new tool or get rich quick scheme

This is the easiest way to go nowhere. You spend all your time looking for what’s missing or the easy button. Both of these get you nowhere. Business success takes work and time. Follow a proven success path and stick to it.

2. Don’t subscribe to 20 different marketers emails

If you already have subscribed, unsubscribe. You can’t run your business and read 20 marketing emails a day. If you don’t read them and they pile up in your inbox…more overwhelm.

3. Find a teacher for each part of your business and go deep with them

If you need to create sales funnels get Click Funnels. You can get a 2-week free trial here. Study everything on marketing and marketing mindset you can inside the site in those 2 weeks. Russell Brunson is a genius and his training is top notch. You either have products now or are going to create products, so you will want to have Click Funnels. Check it out for free.

If you need to learn copy writing, pick a copywriter who’s style you resonate with. Don’t be on 10 different lists. All this does is confuse you into inaction or wrong action.

Everyone who has a website needs to learn SEO to grow your business. If it’s new to you, pick a couple people to check out their sites and subscribe to the 1 that explains things in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

Now you have some quick and simple actions you can take today to make your life and business ageless. Take a look at the resources I’ve linked to, and get the ones you need.

I’ll see you on the beach Saturday morning!

What It Means to Create an Ageless Life and Business

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