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Are you on schedule to reach your goals

Are You on Schedule to Reach Your Goals: How to Get on Track Today

There are only 33 days until the first half of the year is over. Will you nail your goals of where you planned to be halfway through the year?

For most people, the answer to that question will be a huge no.

It will be couched in many different rationalizations. And I’m sure you’ve heard before that all that means is the rational lies we tell ourselves.

For those who will be right on track, congratulations!

Even if you’re 80% to where you thought you’d be, that’s pretty darn good and you still have time to catch up by June 30th.

If that’s not you, you know you need some help.

How will you reach your goals?

You need a system. If you’ve been using a system, it looks like it’s either not the right one for you, or you’re not using it correctly, because you’re not where you want to be.

One thing became very clear for me personally as I did the last 2 weekly Facebook Live’s on my breast cancer story.

Goals are everything. And the most important part, of course, is to reach your goals.

If I hadn’t been someone who was a regular goal setter I don’t know how I would have created a plan so quickly, or confidently.

And if I didn’t have so much practice in setting the action steps and following through and setting up systems for measuring my progress, I don’t think I could have accomplished what it took for the cancer to be gone from my body in 30 days.

That was a major undertaking and luckily I was equipped with the tools to get it done.

Are you?

I know there’s nothing sexy or exciting about sitting down and doing the work of figuring out what you really want and creating a plan to get it.Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving

But there is something really exciting and sexy when that stuff you want starts becoming reality and showing up in your life.

The Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving has been on sale for $47 for more than a month. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, why not?

On Thursday, that sale ends and it will be $97.

So if you know you need help, get it now.

I’ll still honor the unadvertised bonus of a 1-1 session with me to review your goals and see where you may be stuck. That alone is worth way more than $47.

Are you on schedule to reach your goals

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