Being in a rut or living the dream

A Fine Line Between Being In a Rut or Living the Dream

Finding yourself in a rut can be a dangerous thing. It’s not just about work. It’s more about work/life balance. I know you’re in the process of creating an ageless lifestyle after 50 and you may be finishing up a career or already having transitioned into doing something you’re passionate about as a second career. Either way there’s a subtle difference, a fine line between being in a rut or living the dream. In your soul you already know which is true for you.

Have you heard the saying, “you can’t go home again”? I’ve been back here living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where I lived in the 90’s for over 3 years now. Back then I worked in sales, management and did sales training in the timeshare industry as well as working for a while in real estate.

My favorite was the work I did as a trainer. The sales training I did when I lived here was limited to what the resort wanted me to cover, not the entire “Getting to YES Without Selling” system I taught otherwise. I say that as a disclaimer because if I had been teaching the universal success principles included in the system, things may be different for many of those people today.

One thing I have noticed since I have been back is that in many ways everything is still the same. That is a double edged sword. With some things you’re happy they don’t change and others not changing just means they are stagnant.

People I have known for 20 years are still in the same daily routine they were in when we met. Worse yet, too many sales people accept their present income level because it conforms with what others make. They don’t strive to have things be different. And at the same time there are others who have many new interests and new friends. You may have noticed the same kind of behavior in your own community.

People don’t bother trying to learn new skills. There is a talent (and income) pecking order, which is accepted by most. I believe this is true in virtually all workplaces. In a town full of hundreds of salespeople in the same industry, there is a handful that consistently lap the rest of the pack in income. They do this year after year no matter which resort they choose to work for.

What’s the difference between these Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods types and the rest of their co-workers? They are working on their skills, constantly improving, learning, making changes and seeking out new information.

One of the most important principles you can learn to embrace is that for your life to improve you have to welcome change and even actively seek it out. Few people do this, but I guarantee you that consistently successful people live by this. Seeking out change is part of keeping the passion in your life and in your business. It’s what fuels the curiosity about life and creates those continuos shifts in the most interesting people.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, otherwise known as a comfort zone. Life is good, you’re happy—more or less. Why would you want to do anything to change that, especially when you know it takes effort? Worse yet it takes you into the unknown territory outside your comfort zone. It’s true in work and also in making new friends, trying new activities, even vacationing in countries you’ve never been to before.

If you don’t do something to jolt your life out of its comfort zone, it becomes a death trap and not only are you no longer growing, you are in a state of decay and death. And that’s definitely not an ageless lifestyle!

This downward spiral stunts the growth of your business and your happiness in life.  It prevents you from being an interesting person and someone fun to be around—unless of course, you only associate with other people who are too afraid to change.

Does this seem a little harsh to you? If I’m not talking about you, you are nodding your head in agreement with these statements. You are the kind of person who sees the truth of this principle and is in a constant state of growth and change. I congratulate you for being proactive in your life. I’ll bet you have fun hobbies and lots of friends as well. No rut for you, you’re all about living the ageless lifestyle.

If it’s upsetting you, you know it’s time for you to do something to take you life to the next level. This doesn’t mean you are a boring person. Most likely it means you are surrounded by people who want you to stay right where you are. Because if you improve your life, it puts a mirror in front of their face.  It also means you might leave them behind.

It’s important to purchase books, audio programs and home study courses to learn how to take your life, as well as your business, to the next level. But you must go beyond that. You can’t be a hermit, doing this work on your own forever. I know from personal experience. I used to be a master hermit and going it alone is the hardest and slowest path to growth.

Don’t miss out on the most important part of the growth process, the community of like-minded people. Your mastermind, your brainstorming partners. Where do you find these people? At a live event, or even on social media.

Attending live events is by far the strongest learning method available. Most live events occur on a weekend so you don’t have to take time away from your work. Just the act of attending an event in person stimulates your intellect and your creativity. The group energy level you connect with can’t be denied. This is true whether the live event is business related or a conference for a personal interest you have.

What better way to jump-start your year than to make a point to attend more live events? Set a goal today to attend a certain number of events or at least attend one event this year. Don’t get stuck in the rut of only attending the same events you attend every year. Make an effort to meet people in person that you’ve become friends with online.

How will you know for sure if you’re in a rut or living the dream life? Ask yourself how many new things you’ve become interested in over the last few months? How many new friends have you made? How many new dishes have you tried? How many new adventures have you had? Those answers will scream rut or you may just feel like you are in fact the most interesting person in the world.

Stay ageless my friend!

Being in a rut or living the dream

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