woman stepping into her full power

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Stepping Into Her Full Power

Nobody ever said making the transition to living your passion was easy. It requires putting on your big girl panties and moving into uncharted territory. Stepping into your full power is something women over 50 were trained not to do as they grew up. So it’s a new muscle to exercise, but it can be done.

Here’s what every woman ought to know about stepping into her full power.

It’s an inside job. The biggest changes will occur in your mindset. When you let go of what you thought the rules were, you open the space to create an ageless mind for yourself. You’ll find you begin to question everything. and that’s a good thing.

It’s not a straight path. There will be some twists and turns you weren’t expecting. You don’t just decide one day to create a new life for yourself and everything just falls in line. It’s a process and it’s important to adopt the mindset of being able to embrace the journey and look forward to the adventure.

When things are going smoothly remind yourself of why this is so important to you. You need a big ‘why’ for your new life. It’s the passion and your soul’s purpose that keeps you moving forward on those days when it just seems too difficult.

This is a growth journey which at times will look like trail by fire. That’s when you learn what you are made of and what is really important to you in your life. Believe it or not, these are the times you will look back on later and be so proud of yourself for who you’ve become because of these times.

You’ll see the triumphs in difficult situations in this 1st video. Then in the second you’ll hear Isabel Allende talk about the wisdom that comes with age and the freedom it gives you to be who you really are.

Both videos will inspire you step fully  into your power right now and see what living your soul’s desire has in store for you.

woman stepping into her full power

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