Dragon Fruit Guava Pomegranate Flavored Water Recipe

Dragon Fruit, Guava, Pomegranate Flavored Water Recipe

You can never have too many healthy drink recipes! Flavored water is a great healthy alternative to sodas and sugar filled bottled flavored water and tea. This dragon fruit, guava, pomegranate flavored water recipe showcases the guava, or as we call it here in Mexico, guayaba.

I love drinking flavored waters! I have one in the fridge just about every day, so I’m always trying new combinations.

I buy a variety of fruit and herbs every week. Out of a whole container of strawberries, why not take 5 and add them to a flavored water. Add a couple sprigs of fresh mint. What other fruit do you have on hand? Lime or lemon, throw it in?5 Essential Keys to an Ageless Body

Coming up with flavored waters isn’t hard. Exotic fruit makes it more fun.

If you want combos that are already done and ready to go, check my Pinterest board.

If you’re ready to have an ageless body, to get started click here!

The nutritional value of the guava and dragon fruit has been profiled in these flavored water recipes.

Dragon fruit, cucumber, basil flavored water

Strawberry, guava, apple, mint flavored water

Dragon Fruit Guava Pomegranate Flavored Water Recipe

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