Creating A Life Vision

Are You Creating a Vision for Your Life That’s Hurting You?

When you create a vision for your life and a life blueprint to make it reality, living the life of your dreams can start now. You’ll quickly discover it’s not dependent on having a certain level of income. I mention that just in case you had planned on using that as your excuse for not having the life you want. It’s more about how you choose to create your ageless lifestyle after 50.

Whether you consciously have created a vision for your life or not, there is one playing out second by second. It’s up to you if you runt he show or if your unconscious self-talk is doing it for you. The life you have is manifesting in alignment with where you put your energy and your thoughts, subconscious or conscious. It’s always a vibrational match. So if you want something different, create it!

I had a conversation this week with an entrepreneur who was calling to ask me to be interviewed on the topic of empowering women over 50 in business and their lives. She thought I lived in California so when I told her I lived in Cabo it led to a whole other conversation. It was a conversation about having a vision for your life. And I asked her the same 5 questions I ask my private clients when I begin helping them create an empowering vision for their life. I’ll share those with you too, in just a minute.

We talked about how nice it was both of our businesses were mobile. She asked what made me move to Cabo, which is the questions I get the most. And really, it was a spur of the moment decision. The life plan I had created made it possible for me to structure a business in a way that makes moving on a whim possible.

I went on to say I had been consciously creating my life since I was in my early twenties. It was one of those things that just seemed natural to me. I found I was always helping people I worked with and friends create a vision for their life, what I now call a life blueprint.

One thing I’ve found from personal experience is this whole topic should not be looked at from the perspective of income. That’s what gets people so far off track. It’s a reason why you don’t have it all now. At the same time it’s an excuse for why you’re not going after what you want. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the life you want. The core values and experiences are what’s important. That’s the foundation.

I’ve gone up and down finically over the last 30+ years, as I’ll bet you have too. Some of the most glamorous, high flying times of my lifestyle have been when I had no job and hardly any money. I was just going with the flow and great things, and people (who liked me for who I am, not what I had) showed up. So finances aren’t an all encompassing factor in creating your vision or living the life of your dreams.

The real source of you creating a vision for your life and your business starts with you making a decision on what you want.

Here are 5 keys questions for creating your dream life now:

1. What is your most important core value in your life?

2. What is the one lifestyle component that makes you happiest now?

3. What is the best use of your time in your business to make an impact for others?

4. What is the best use of your time in your business to make an impact for yourself?

5. What do you enjoy doing most with friends and family?

If you dig deep, do some journaling, a little meditation, you’ll get a great start to building a road map to start you on creating a vision for your life. If you haven’t already created your personal manifesto, click here to get the free report and create yours today. It is the most important document, in fact it’s the foundational document, for creating your ageless lifestyle after 50. You’ll have a much more difficult time trying to create a vision for your life if you don’t have your manifesto in order.

 Creating A Life Vision

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