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How to Change Your Life and Get Everything You Want In Life

15 years ago this month, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then everything in my life has changed for the better. One of the reasons I do the work I do is to give people the knowledge of the lessons I learned without having to live through a traumatic experience. Those lessons encompass every area of living an ageless lifestyle after 50.

It began with my ageless spirit and what my beliefs allowed me to manifest. My clean eating had already gone a long way to give me an ageless body and my library of personal growth, health, nutrition and mind/body books gave me focus and commitment I needed to cure this cancer. This is one of the big reasons Im so passionate about helping others create an ageless lifestyle.

Although not an enjoyable process to go through, I knew there was a big positive to come out of something that could be so devastating. I was determined to focus on finding that positive end result rather than focusing on the worst case scenario. For me that made all the difference in how it affected the rest of my life.

Before the diagnosis, I had a vague feeling there was something bigger I was supposed to be doing with my life. After the diagnosis, I made it my number one priority to find out what that was. Within days, my total focus was different. I quit my job and my husband and I were preparing to move from Mexico, where we had lived for most of the 90's, and go back to the states.

We weren't moving because of the cancer, but because I felt the 'something bigger' I was supposed to do wasn't in Mexico. I had already flown up to Scottsdale and bought a house I was going to remodel and sell, and surprisingly, as much as I love the ocean, I felt I was being directed to go to Arizona. So we decided we would just move to the house in Scottsdale. (That's the short version of a very spiritual journey.) We moved with no prospects of a job for either of us. Trusting in the Universe, just knowing where we were guided to go.

I found my true life purpose after almost a year of prayer and meditation asking what I was to do. Since then I have been living a new life of my dreams. For the last 13+ years I have been teaching people how to realize their dreams through my writing, courses, radio show and live seminars. Every day I think about what is most important to me in my life. I feel blessed I have the luxury of my work being to talk to people about my passion and help them find their own way of living an ageless lifestyle.

It only takes one thing to change your life. Just a simple shift in direction takes you to a whole new place. In fact, I named my original website Change One Thing because I feel this so strongly that this is true.

So what can you do to get a new perspective on your life instantly without having your life turned upside down for you? The price we often pay for having our life instantly rearranged can be very high--divorce, loosing your job, the death of a loved one, illness or a serious accident.

Wouldn’t it work better if you made a plan to do this yourself before one of those situations did it for you? If your priorities are instantly recognized and shifted in the face of one of those situations, what are your ideas on how to create that change without the aid of those situations? What are you already doing in your life to create this awareness?

This is a topic where your sharing your comments will definitely benefit others, so please do.

Get Everything You Want In Life

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