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Meditate Your Way to Wealth

How to Meditate Your Way to Wealth and Success

Down through the ages, great thinkers, inventors, artists, statesman and philosophers have credited their spiritual connections for their successes. If this seems like a strange place to begin, you may be wondering what meditation has to do with building wealth and success. For some people it’s a big jump from talking about their ageless spirit to […]

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Boomer Predictions for an Ageless Lifestyle

11 Key Predictions for Boomers Living an Ageless Lifestyle

Things are changing rapidly as more and more boomers are choosing to live an ageless lifestyle. We are experiencing shifts in the way these ageless boomers are traveling, eating, staying fit, dating, working, spending, and how they look at beauty. People embracing the ageless lifestyle after 50 are contributing in the world differently, making changes […]

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Ravindranath Tagore quote

On Being Fearless

​​ Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them…  Ravindranath Tagore This is a really powerful quote. What does it mean to be fearless? That’s a very personal conversation for you to have with yourself.What I can tell you from my perspective is that you will never […]

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