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Does God Listen to Your Prayers?

On Sunday, September 14th my world shifted as my home in Cabo San Lucas Mexico was hit head on by hurricane Odile. It was a category 4 (only goes up to 5) hurricane with winds, depending on what you read, of 125-140MPH. Huddled in the shower with the building swaying, wind howling, glass shattering, there […]

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fall beach vacation

Picking a Top Beach Vacation for Fall

Fall is a great time to take a beach vacation and avoid the crowds while still having fabulous weather. Great beach vacation destinations can be found on both the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. Here are a few choices to help you pick a top beach vacation for fall. Part of the fun of living an […]

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perfect workout

How to Find Your Perfect Workout

You can’t have an ageless lifestyle if you aren’t fit enough to get out and have fun. You need a fit ageless body. That means you need to exercise. It’s time to find your perfect workout. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership. It can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood at a good […]

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