Vegetarian vegan recipe conversion

5 Hassle Free Tips For Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe Conversion

There's nothing difficult or complicated about converting many of your regular recipes when you use these 5 hassle free tips for vegetarian/vegan recipe conversion. You'll be eating healthy food in no time!

When you want to eat healthy, become a vegetarian or possibly go vegan as part of your ageless lifestyle after 50, there are two ways to go when you stop eating meat. You can use veggies and nuts as substitutes for meat in your old recipes or you can go with packaged fake meat. It may be easier to use fake meat to wean yourself, but they aren't the healthiest way to go long term.

Almost 25 years ago I stopped eating meat. For some of those years I lived in the US where it was easy to go to a grocery store and get meatless substitutes for chicken, hamburger, hot dogs, even turkey! But 13 of those years have been spent in a small town in Mexico where there are no meat substitutes to be found. I went cold turkey and then added in some processed foods. Now I've stopped using those processed substitutes completely.

Lynn Pierce

It's your choice whether you ease into the switch or go cold turkey depending on your motivation for moving away from meat. Going vegan means no eggs, or dairy either. You can get vegan cheese and yogurt along with several different vegan egg substitutes depending on how you want to use the 'eggs'.

Here's 5 hassle free tips for vegetarian/vegan recipe conversion that will make your transition easier.

  • Search recipes on Pinterest by searching for a particular fruit or veggie you have in mind. Also check out boards that are vegetarian or vegan. Search healthy breakfast, healthy eating, etc. On my Pinterest I have several healthy boards, and on some recipes I suggest substitutions to make them healthier.

  • Just because a recipe is vegetarian or vegan doesn't mean it's healthy. It can be full of white flour, tons of sugar, or lots of fat. You can easily substitute the flour you like best, made from oats, almonds, coconut…the list goes on.

This will give yo plenty to get started with. I'm always here to answer any questions you have.

5 Hassle Free Tips For Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe Conversion

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