13 Tips for a Good Nights Sleep Tonight

13 Tips for a Good Nights Sleep Tonight

Nothing is more disruptive to a happy, productive day then being tired from not getting a good night’s sleep.

Just type the word sleep into the search bar on this blog and you’ll find dozens of articles about the benefits of getting enough sleep and the consequences of not getting enough.

Even without looking at any of those articles, I know you can make your own list of all the consequences in your daily life of not getting enough sleep. And yet the majority of people are sleep deprived to one degree or another.

When it affects your ability to perform daily tasks, something needs to be done. And yet there are people who wait until their lack of sleep affects their health to take action.

The answer to not getting enough sleep is never to self-medicate by masking the symptoms. Coffee and sugar are not the answer. All that will do is having you crashing and feeling worse half way through the day.

Even worse yet are energy drinks. They are filled with chemicals and are poison to your body. I recently read of a 16-year-old girl who loved her energy drinks and ended up dying of a heart attack on vacation after consuming her daily several cans.

So what is the answer to getting a good night’s sleep?

13 Tips for a Good Nights Sleep Tonight I’ve Found Helpful:

1. Eating a healthy diet makes a big difference in allowing your body to go into the digestion cycle the way it needs to.

2. Eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed gives you time to not feel so full, and so does not eating a huge meal.

3. Get to know how long it takes you to unwind and fall asleep. That way you know when you need to go to bed to get 7-8 hours of good sleep in.

Here’s 10 more…

Before bedtime, do whatever relaxes you!

  1. Drink a cup of herbal tea
  2. Take a walk around your back yard
  3. Sit and looking at the stars
  4. Do a little light yoga
  5. Read
  6. Listen to music
  7. Meditate
  8. Watch some mindless TV, with the sound low (on a timer, of course)
  9. Light a candle or burn some incense
  10. Take a bath with epsom salts

Keep your bedroom as peaceful and quiet as possible.

Re-arrange your furnishing to make your bedroom feel like your sanctuary.

Do what you need to do so that when you walk in your bedroom door you can feel the stress and tension slip away.

A good night’s sleep will make you feel smarter, have more energy, be nicer to be around, and look younger. You’ll also enjoy the health benefits of your body functioning properly so you don’t suffer from inflammation, and that can help you to avoid so many diseases.

Take a few minutes now and make your plan for getting a better night’s sleep tonight. Having a healthy ageless body is a big part of your ageless lifestyle after 50. 5 Essential Keys to an Ageless Body

If you have your own sleep tips, share them here.

If you’re ready to have an ageless body, to get started click here!

13 Tips for a Good Nights Sleep Tonight


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