Healthier Food Hacks

10 Healthier Food Hacks

It’s easy to be a creature of habit, bad habits that is. It’s also pretty easy to make better food choices with these 10 healthier food hacks. It’s doesn’t have to cost more or require you to shop somewhere different to make healthier choices that allow you to have an ageless body.

Creating an ageless lifestyle after 50 is hard to do that while holding on to poor eating habits. It’s time to make these easy switches to healthy eating.

1. Drink almond, oat or hemp milk instead of cow’s milk. It’s healthier, lower in calories and fat. These non-dairy milks can be used for drinking or cooking. Cow’s milk leaches calcium from your bones, so don’t buy into the hype of the milk industry.

2. Eat whole fruit, or put fruit in your smoothie, instead of drinking  juice. You miss most of the nutrition when you drink a glass of fruit juice and just get the blood sugar spike instead. Eating or blending the whole fruit gives you all the nutrition available in the fruit without the sugar shock to your system.

3. Real sweeteners, or none, for artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are extremely bad for your health. A better health choice is to go back to sugar and wean yourself from your current level of sweetness. Even better is raw local honey or 100% real stevia in drops or powder.

4. Bake, or at least pan-fry instead of deep-frying. Bake by spraying or lightly coating your food with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Pan fry in extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Don’t use any other vegetable oils.

5. Drink homemade flavored water instead of soda. The list of flavors are endless and they are all healthy! Read the labels on those fruit flavored and vitamin waters at the grocery store and you’ll see they contain more than water and fruit. Diet soda is one of the very worst things you can put in your body. If you can’t break the soda habit, go back to regular.

6. Use olive oil, and balsamic vinegar or citrus juice, instead of bottled salad dressing. If you’re making a salad with fruit in it, consider squeezing the little juice left on the peel after dicing the fruit onto the salad, along with olive or coconut oil as dressing. It’s so fast to make a healthy dressing, there’s no reason for those chemical filled bottled ones.

7. Eat any other greens instead of iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is mostly water. Dark leafy greens are filled with nutrients. Start with switching to romaine and build up to other greens by adding a little at a time. Try spinach, arugula, kale.

8. Drink wine or beer instead of mixed drinks. Depending on your drink of choice you could save enough calories to have dessert! If you tend to drink more than 2 glasses of wine, try having a beer instead. It’s more filling so you’ll tend to drink less.

9. Switch to quinoa or brown rice instead of white rice. Quinoa is your goal when it comes to grains. If you’re not ready to make the switch, at least eat brown rice so it has some nutritional value and fiber. White rice is just another white thing you want to remove from your diet.

10. Eat oatmeal instead of cereal. Buy bulk raw oats. You can cook them in 5 minutes and they are good for you. Don’t bother with packaged oatmeal or especially instant. Cereal is mostly made from grains that are stripped of their nutrition, then preservatives and assorted chemicals are added, not to mention, sugar. Just say no.

Here’s my simple healthy oatmeal recipe:

Put a small saucepan on the stove on medium heat. Set your timer for 5 minutes. Put in 1/3 cup oats and 1 cup water. Stir. Come back and stir again at 5 minutes when you turn off the heat.

Let it sit to firm up for a minute while you put your non-dairy milk, fruits, nuts, whatever you choose, into a bowl. Then mix in your oats.

You can even make it the night before and have cold oats from the refrigerator if you want.

*If you must microwave, do 4 minutes on high and then check it. Put it in a very big container because it really boils and you’ll have a mess otherwise.

 Healthier Food Hacks



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